The End – December 31st 2015

It all stops here
There is nothing more after this.
That is it.
It all moves on
And we move with the tides.
I lived
I learnt
And I am able to say this year has been incredible.
What else is there if we are not challenged?
It seems pointless
I pondered on the ways my life has changed
In twelve months I have evolved
And it doesn’t stop now
There is so much more from here on in
This is it
This is not the end
This is where life really begins

Have an amazing new years eve
Hope you enjoy todays poem
I will see you tomorrow but it wont be on here
Lots of love
Thank you


Unknown – September 30th 2015

Lets be mysteries to the world
Until they can stand to see who we really are
Forced to decide one way or another.
Whose decision is it?
Could is complicate matters more if all was said
We say the minimum
We create lives
They needn’t know the truth behind them,
We need to know the lies that must be told
Who tells the lies that leave us dying?
Hold it back
Push us to the spot light
Live and lift the very thing that keeps us here.

Hope you enjoyed todays poem
Have a great day
See you tomorrow

Why now? – September 23rd 2015

So the winter colds begin
I ask myself
Why now?
In the busiest week why have swollen glands been sent to test me
Maybe that’s all it is
A test
Well its one I will pass
But I will grumble about it along the way in my own head
Because nobody else wants to hear it.
Is it usually this cold this early in the year?
Its only getting colder
So bring on the winter colds
Wait, winters not even here yet

Have a great day
Hope you enjoyed this poem.
I’m sure you an relate
See you tomorrow

Now I know – September 9th 2015

To be told that confirms it all
I stand with more than before
Better at what I’ve done for a while now
Than ever before
This is not the peak
We’ll take this higher
There’s no limit to the places this can go
I was always sure it could happen
I always dreamed it would
And now you’ve said it now I know
Now I know

Have a great day
Hope you enjoyed todays poem
See you tomorrow

They’d never understand – September 6th 2015

Come what may
They’d never understand.
The people we used to be,
Are too scared to throw themselves in.
If we don’t life will push us
Flying down,
Over the edges of the comfort zone
We’ll realise its not as bad as we feared
And its far better than we dreamed.
Dream on with no stopping
See no end to the magic
See no breaks in this car we hijacked.
Its our fault if we crash for wishing it all to be this way.

Have a great day
Keep dreaming
See you tomorrow

Gone – September 5th 2015

What is left when all else is gone for good,
It was no good to start with.
Bitter thoughts can only hurt
Undo the pain
Unlock to damage that has ruined the looks we gave,
It cannot be reversed.
In seconds it can be over
We are done and dusted
We are gone when we are loveless.

Have a great day
Hope you enjoyed todays poem
See you tomorrow

All we seek – September 4th 2015

Who acceptance are we seeking?
Whose love do we need to find?
Its never defined in the outside world
Only in our head
Its all in our warped minds
Told to be a dreamer
To have our dreams shot down
Its never worked
It will never work.
I wanted to be golden
They made me fit their mould.

Thanks, hope you enjoyed todays poem
Have a great day
See you tomorrow


Dark days – September 3rd 2015

Dark days
Can bring a stark change
Alter perceptions in a harsh way
Stabbed with a marked blade
Of tarnished hate.

Hope you enjoy this poem
Have a great day
See you tomorrow

Yet to experience – September 2nd 2015

Into the world we stumble
Eyes squinting
Sun way too bright to stand
We can barely stand
New to the world,
Wet behind the ears
Unsure of everything we are yet to experience .
We are yet to live
Life is a present under the Christmas tree
Unwrapped and unravelled over time
A perfect web formed to catch us if we fall
Just in case we do.


Hope you enjoyed todays poem
Have a fantastic day
See you tomorrow

A lie – September 1st

Fear of the unknown
That probably wont get to you
If life is a lie
Is death the truth?

Enjoy todays poem
Have a great day
See you tomorrow