The End – December 31st 2015

It all stops here
There is nothing more after this.
That is it.
It all moves on
And we move with the tides.
I lived
I learnt
And I am able to say this year has been incredible.
What else is there if we are not challenged?
It seems pointless
I pondered on the ways my life has changed
In twelve months I have evolved
And it doesn’t stop now
There is so much more from here on in
This is it
This is not the end
This is where life really begins

Have an amazing new years eve
Hope you enjoy todays poem
I will see you tomorrow but it wont be on here
Lots of love
Thank you


Where has the time gone – December 30th 2015

Was it not yesterday when I posted the first poem
This year has whizzed away
In some ways
In others it has been the longest of my life.
Now it is almost gone.
Nothing is ever gone,
We hold nothing
We have nothing in the end.
I’ve seen times change
I’ve seen smiles
I’ve seen frowns
Learnt what it takes to turn them upside down
Its beautiful
All of it is so beautiful
What was I seeing in the years previous to this one?

Have a great day
Hope you enjoy todays poem
See you tomorrow for one last time

Who left the heating on all night – December 29th 2015

I wake to an odd feeling
One of a weird discomfort.
I feel my mouth drying and my skin itchy with a slight sweat
Its not cold
Why is it not cold in the winter?
I reach out
Through the humid air
My hand reaches the usually cool metal of the radiator
It burns against my skin
Who left the heating on all night?

Have a great day
Hope you enjoy todays poem
See you tomorrow

Told to be something – December 28th 2015

Its hard to be nothing when you’re told to be something
When does the cycle end
We fight on but find that a lot of what we’ve got is pretend.
The discovery is cutting
It slashes at the wheels that spin too fast
The blurred tires make our eyes tired
We see a lot less than we could of done
New entities bring new friends
We abolish enemies
They are only enemies in our warped minds
We mark the days and see no change in the memories
The edges always were slightly hazy
We blur them so they can be what we want to remember
There is beauty in what sickens us
We just need to learn to see it

Have a great day
Hope you enjoy tomorrow
See you tomorrow

Words shatter our world – December 27th 2015

Who said it would never happen when we dreamed of something real to us?
Dismissing it as a childish fantasy
We learned to keep it quiet
But what if it came true?
What if we were always right?
This is our life
This is our world
And who on earth has the right to shatter our world with their words?

Have a great day
Hope you enjoy todays poem
See you tomorrow

New To Our World – December 26th 2015

It was all made long a go
We salvaged it from the scrap heap.
Broken and torn
We were fixed so we could fix others.
There is sanity in the madness
We boil down to nothing when all is said and done.
Stable in the most unstable way
We are watered down
We need to be pulled from the corrosive waves that wash all over us.
There are better places to find ourselves.
Worlds apart and half the world away
We are shy and timid
Bright lights push us futher into our shells
We will emerge
And they will all look at us like we are new to the world.


Have a great day
Hope you enjoy todays poem
See you tomorrow

Happy Christmas – December 25th 2015

Children’s stomachs twist with excitement
Eyes wide
Hearts filled with joy
We look at them and feel lifted.
They beam and there minds shine like fairy lights.
All year seems to lead to one day
A single moment
And it is beautiful
It has beauty
We capture it
We create it.
We smile and wish the world a Happy Christmas.

Have a great day
Hope you enjoy todays poem
See you tomorrow

Is it fashion – December 24th 2015

I wear what I want
I choose because I decide
What other reason do I need?
What other reason can there be?
It is only clothes
They cause such a commotion
Minds going mad about the implications of what you’ve got on
The idols are admired for clothes they were given
I wear clothes to keep warm in the winter
I wear clothes so I am not naked in public
Is it fashion?
Am I fashionable?

Have a great day
Hope you enjoy todays poem
See you tomorrow

Here we go again – December 23rd 2015

This cant continue
Whats gone on for too long needs to end here?
Should it stop where it started or just where we are now?
Drop it all
See it all dissolve
Pour life over it and see it waste away to nothing
It is gone and life is good
We are golden
We empty our minds of contradictions and just love
Is it possible?
Of course its possible
We never find reason to doubt
How could we find reason to doubt what we so solidly believed in before?

Have a great day
Hope you enjoy todays video
See you tomorrow

Let the love happen – December 19th 2015

We grow to be defensive
Standing as protector of our pride
We never let things happen
We never set free our mind
The worry will kill us
Maybe it already has
It always could
Love is worth more than gold and cash

Hope you enjoy todays poem
Have a great day
See you tomorrow