Custom Poems

Alice Short Custom Poems have been quoted as being ‘perfect’, ‘inspirational’ and ‘beautiful’ by customers. If you like my poems but want one of your own, that can be arranged. Simply fill in the contact form telling me: Your name, email and what topic you would like e.g. flowers, robots, dinosaurs. Anything you want really. Be as specific or as vague as you want.  If you want the poem hand written on plain white paper then also consider you will need to pay for postage. The physical copies of the poems will be hand signed on A4 paper. Once you have filled out the form I will contact you with further details such as how much the postage will be and how to pay and also to get your address (if you would like a physical copy). No one else will ever have to poem that you get and I will not use it for anything else. Lets do this Alice

All custom poems are £10.
Please remember that choosing a physical copy will mean a possible addition of the packaging and posting.

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